Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Generates Excitement

The upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie has Spidey fans on the edge of their webs in suspense and anticipation and the video game version from Beenox fits right on in there too. The game is based on the movie but like its predecessors it will have tons of extra exciting missions, hidden areas and lots of super villains to battle. According to the company the game takes place after the events in the movie which is cool but it’s got to match up with the ultimate coolness of the former Spider-Man 2 game which people still play. Actually all the Spidey games are great but the fans love one thing about any Spider-Man game, the free roaming open world fun of actually being Spidey and swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper, rescuing damsels in distress, knocking out thugs and foremost taking on the big bad dudes that are the webslinger’s enemies.

That’s all a big Spidey game has to do. Bring on the bad dudes, give us so much open world roaming, lots of puzzles, tons of battles and random issues so that things don’t get boring. There are some great races and obstacle courses as well that can challenge the gamer and make for that realistic Spider-Man experience. This game is going to have a lot to live up to and there should be nothing that is second rate considering it’s a given best seller from name and momentum alone.