Verizon Stores Have iPhone 4s…But Not for Long

Verizon’s launch of the iPhone 4 has largely been a success for mobile phone carrier. Though the pre-sale of the device caused some server issues on the back-end, thousands of Verizon customers were able to hold the device for purchase while other customers were left in the dark.

“I wasn’t able to get a phone online and when I called Verizon, they told me to just go to the Verizon store when the phone goes on sale,” says Pamela Burns of Washington, Maryland. “The problem was that people were actually camping out at my nearest Verizon store so any hope of getting an iPhone 4 was tossed out the window. The store did have a waiting list or something so I put my name and number on it and the guy said they would call if one came in.”

Some Verizon customers have search on eBay for an iPhone 4. Results were mixed.

“I bought one off eBay, but I paid way more money than I should have,” says Janice Hawthorne. “I felt bad afterward. Buyers remorse, I guess. I was pretty happy with my Droid but I originally wanted an iPhone before Verizon sold it. Oh well.”

For Tim Crebaw, buying an iPhone 4 on eBay was something he simply did not trust.

“I’m not shelling $500 bucks or so to some guy I don’t know,” he says. “Not for electronics. Maybe if it was for a bunch of comic books, but not electronics. I need a warranty and buy an iPhone 4 from a seller looking to cash in makes me sick.

“Besides, I’m just waiting for the iPhone 5 anyway. Verizon just wanted to keep customers by locking them up with contracts and they couldn’t wait for the next iPhone version.”