New World Cuisine Launches Its Pro Chef Nicer Dicer Plus Food Slicing and Dicing System

The all-new 2014 10-piece, all-in-one, Pro Chef Nicer Dicer Plus food dicing and slicing system.Los Angeles, California, USA — (January 29, 2014 ) Los Angeles, California, USA — After more than a year of development and design modifications inspired by thousands of customer reviews of earlier models, New World Cuisine announced today that it is launching its much-anticipated Pro Chef brand of the Nicer Dicer Plus all-in-one food slicing and dicing system. Available exclusively on, starting on Thursday, January 30, 2014, consumers in the United States and Europe will be able to purchase this newly-enhanced and strengthened legendary food dicer.

“We are extremely excited about the high quality, durability, and early customer reviews of our new Pro Chef Nicer Dicer Plus,” said Richard J. Mathias, President of New World Cuisine, based in Los Angeles. “We went to great lengths to study customer feedback on the 2012 / 2013 Nicer Dicer models,” Mathias explained, “and we made two significant design modifications that our customers were asking for. First, we enhanced the component strength of the ABX plastic casing to make this Pro Chef more durable. Second, we installed genuine 420-grade stainless steel cutting blades into each of the system cutting dyes.” “These two product enhancements really set the Pro Chef Nicer Dicer Plus light years ahead of any other food slicer or dicer in its class,” Mr. Mathias concluded.

Product specifications disclose a sleak black and white ABX plastic casing roughly the size of a loaf of bread, weighing 3.2 pounds, revealing its genius nicer dicer design. The main cutting unit sits atop a 6-cup capacity plastic food container that not only captures the diced and sliced food products as soon as they are created, but also doubles as a convenient storage container to place extras in the fridge, all protected and covered with a specially designed, extra tight freshness-sealed lid. The Pro Chef is a 10-piece all-in-one food dicing and slicing system that consists of three two-sided durable and interchangeable cutting dyes for large and small cube dicing, julienne cutting, flat slicing, large and small wedging, and mandolin slicing.

In addition, the Company is including two free promotional accessories, both of which are also engineered with 420 stainless steel cutting blades. First, a fruit and vegetable peeler specially designed to shave off just the minimum amount of skin to allow maximum vitamin and mineral retention in the final peeled product. Second, a uniquely designed cheese and vegetable grater that snaps in place over the Pro Chef collection bin to make grating cheeses and carrots and ginger a snap. Both accessories are included free of charge with the new Pro Chef Nicer Dicer Plus.

“Early reviews from our customers have been overwhelmingly positive,” according to Jared Sanchez, Marketing Director for New World Cuisine. “Our early market sales have resulted in across the board 5-star rankings on the Amazon platform, with several customers returning to purchase additional gift sets after they received their initial purchase and found it such an incredible kitchen tool.” Mr. Sanchez concluded that “we are also receiving favorable feedback on our efforts to keep the price of this unit as low as possible, listing it at $67.98, MSR Amazon. Using the high grade 420 stainless steel really drove our costs up in making this Nicer Dicer and for that reason the Pro Chef is more expensive than other Nicer Dicer models that use the weaker blades and thinner plastic,” he said. “We are pleased to hear from our customers that the additional cost is well worth it in terms of quality, durability, sharpness, accuracy, and overall performance of the Pro Chef brand product.”

The Company also announced that it will celebrate the product launch week with a huge 35% reduced price to open sales on Thursday, January 30, 2014, at $41.00. The Pro Chef Nicer Dicer Plus product detail page is located on at


About New World Cuisine:

The Pro Chef Nicer Dicer Plus is a branded product developed by New World Cuisine, based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2011, the Company develops kitchenware and cooking accessories that uniquely save time and make cooking more fun and efficient. Use of high quality component parts and durable long-lasting metals, while maximizing consumer value, are the touchstones of products now in design development. The Company’s founder was inspired by the cooking mastery of his favorite Chef Norman, known around the world as the father of New World Cuisine, and branded the company to honor this cooking legend. See (featuring cooking magic from Chef Norman and other pioneers in the New World Cuisine style of cooking).
Featuring Genuine 420 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades & Maximum Strength ABX Plastic Construction

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