Overkill and Valve to Collaborate on New Left 4 Dead Project

Overkill Entertainment, developer of Payday: The Heist, has revealed that they are collaborating with Valve in order to create a blend of their own bank robbing title and the infamous zombie charging series, Left 4 Dead.

Hot on the heels of the recent success of The Walking Dead Telltale Episode, it seems that there is never a bad time for more undead carnage and following a bout of easily dismissed rumours, it seems that there is truth in the speculation of Valve getting together with Overkill for what sounds like a dream project.

Taking to the official Overkill Entertainment website, games director Ulf Andersson was more than happy to break the news:

“As perceptive gamers will have noticed, several hints have recently been dropped into Payday: The Heist, which has led to various rumors. We are excited to be able to confirm that an in-depth collaboration between Overkill and Valve is currently in production.

“We are working on a very cool blend of Payday and Left 4 Dead. I am sure it is so exciting that it will have some players check into the hospital before we are done.”

With both titles relying upon 4 person co-operative play, the blend seems obvious; steal the money, but also defeat the zombie hordes at the same time. At this moment, an upgraded ‘sequel’ for Payday: The Heist is in the works, leading to speculation that it could be this title which reveals the collaboration between developers. For the time being, we will keep our eyes glued to the Overkill website, as some “infectious” information is promised to be heading our way.